It was a very funny day!

For this special day we had to do a poster of what European day of languages made us think about, we also had to do a short video in which we said what it made us think about.

Our favourite part was the snack! Some of us brought cupcakes, pudding, cake and other delicious things!


Miss VADOT prepared some games which gave us the pleasure to learn really interesting information about the continent where we live.
Finally, I want to say that it was a pleasant activity to do and, I think all my classmates agree that we are delighted of that experience!




We celebrated the European day of langages on the 26th of September 2017, in our English class.
Each pupil brought food specialities from different European countries :Poland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Belgium …
We tasted almost all of them, and it was delicious !
We also had to make posters about that special day.
It was a very good experience to share different recipes, taste new food, we all spent a very good time !
After this breakfast, we took the picture you can see in this article.